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Meet AMG Vacation Rentals: Short-Term Vacation Rental Property Management in the Coachella Valley

If you have dipped your toes into the world of vacation property rentals, you know that there is more to vacation rental management than meets the eye. While on the surface, it may look like passive, easy revenue, everything from advertising to maintenance to guest services cost both time and money, which detracts from the vacation rental owner's bottom line. This is where short term rental property management (or STR management) comes into play, and where companies like AMG Vacation Rentals can make a huge impact on your experience as a vacation rental property owner.

Our goal at AMG Vacation Rentals is to help you minimize your time spent and maximize money earned on your Coachella Valley vacation rental property!

The AMG Vacation Rentals Team: Dustin, Breanna, and Julia posed in front of a tan brick wall with a black and white painting

Meet our Team

At the helm of AMG Vacation Rentals is Dustin, Owner and CEO, who brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table.

Brianna, Director of Operations & Client Relations, ensures seamless communication and efficient operations.

Julia, Guest Experience and Property Manager, is dedicated to ensuring a quality experience for guests through both customer service and the quality of property maintenance.

This carefully assembled team is the backbone of AMG Vacation Rentals, committed to delivering exceptional services that go above and beyond the ordinary!

So - how do we ensure that your vacation property stands out among the rest? To start, each property owner works with an AMG Owner Success Manager in their specific region to craft your property listing, tailored to your property's needs and unique features. Listing the property, however, is only the beginning.

White Glove Property Management for Your Vacation Home

Hands-On Management Teams

At AMG Vacation Rentals, we know that the personal touch when providing short term vacation rentals is not only the most time-consuming, but also the most important part when it comes to guest experience. That's why we make it a priority to utilize quality management and home care teams to give homeowners and guests alike a great vacation rental experience from start to finish.

Housekeeping and In-Home Amenities

Part of the hands-on approach we take to managing vacation rentals is the care of the rental property. Professional housekeepers clean each property before and after each stay and re-stock the amenities provided to guests in the home.

a white, post modern Coachella Valley home with an orange door


One of the services that sets us apart from other vacation rental property management companies in the Coachella Valley is our extensive HomeWatch service. The general upkeep, maintenance, and security of your rental property is a drain on your resources as well as a source of stress and worry. We are proud to offer services to maintain the quality and security of your vacation rental. Our HomeWatch service offers customizable weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly plans to best suit your needs, with services like...

  • Routine checks

  • Walk the interior & exterior of your home

  • Run faucets & disposals/flush toilets

  • Check thermostats

  • Start your car(s)

  • Check for leaks: house, garage, patios, storage rooms etc.

  • Windows & doors: make sure no damage and working properly

  • Water Heater/RO Systems

  • Sinks, toilets, faucets, hose bibs

  • Water houseplants

...and more! You can read the full list of services that can be covered under a HomeWatch plan here, as well as contact us for a free quote.


Our extensive industry knowledge paired with advertising expertise means your vacation rental property is booked more often, without you having to lift a finger! Coupled with our dynamic pricing model, that means more revenue with less work for you.

Guest Support

Finally, we know that vacation rental guests may require assistance at any time. For that reason, we offer around the clock support over the phone and in person, ensuring that guests' needs are promptly addressed.

With a white glove vacation rental property management company like AMG, you get to deliver a full-service experience to vacation guests and increase your revenue without expending valuable time and resources!

We are here to help you start or scale your Coachella Valley short-term vacation rental. Receive your custom Management Proposal from us to get started!


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