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Finish the Summer Strong with These 4 Vacation Rental Safety Tips!

The beauty of hosting a vacation rental in California is that guests can enjoy house amenities throughout the entire year! As the summer heats up in Palm Springs, there are a handful of precautions vacation rental owners can take in order to prepare and reinforce their homes for guests. Adhering to safety standards is crucial in ensuring the best experience for short-term rental guests. By abiding by these standards, hosts can guarantee a safe and secure environment for their guests, contributing to an overall positive stay. Check out 4 crucial vacation rental safety tips below!

1. Trees and Landscaping

Having trees and a well-maintained landscape around your vacation rental is not only aesthetically pleasing but can also play a significant role in attracting potential guests to your home. The lush greenery and carefully curated outdoor space create an inviting atmosphere, promoting relaxation and tranquility. However, it is crucial to remember that as much as these natural elements enhance your rental property's visual appeal, they can also become potential hazards if not adequately taken care of. By ensuring proper tree maintenance and regular upkeep of the landscaping features, you can mitigate any potential risks and create a safe environment that adds value to your vacation rental property. As a rule of thumb...

  • Regularly inspect trees onsite, and remove any deadwood that may pose risk of falling.

  • Clear paths of overgrown trees, plant, and debris. (This also helps mitigate the risk of wildfires - a very crucial thing in California!)

  • Add lighting to pathways that may require additional illumination at night.

2. Pools and Hot Tubs

Especially in warmer locations like the beautiful oasis of Palm Springs, the glistening pools and bubbling hot tubs are undoubtedly some of the most coveted summer amenities that guests eagerly look forward to enjoying. These luxurious features not only provide a refreshing escape from the heat but also add an extra element of delight to their well-deserved vacation. However, it's important to acknowledge that alongside the enjoyment they bring, pools and spas can also present certain risks and liabilities if not properly cared for. We recommend that owners...

  • Place signage and warning notices in clear view, serving as a constant reminder to never leave a pool or hot tub unattended when children are present.

  • Establish a "Water Watcher" program to help ensure that there is always someone responsible and attentive present when the pool is in use.

  • Maintain the functionality of pool gates and alarms + provide instructions where applicable.

  • Entrust the maintenance of pool and hot tub chemicals solely to professionals. It is also wise to have a licensed electrician inspect the pool electrical work periodically.

3. Fire Pits and Barbecue Grills

Summertime is a delightful season that brings to mind images of sizzling barbecues and evenings spent gathered around a cozy fire pit. However, amidst all the excitement and enjoyment, ensuring the safety of vacation rental guests becomes paramount. There are a number of precautions owners can take in order to ensure guest safety such as...

  • Placing warning signs around to ensure guests do not leave grills or fire pits unattended.

  • Providing an easily accessible fire extinguisher in the event of a fire.

  • Ensuring the fire pit and grills areas are free of hazards that could cause trips or falls.

  • Placing fire pits on top of fire-resistant surfaces.

  • Ensuring o-rings are inspected on propane gas tanks prior to tank swaps.

4. Other Amenities

Providing guests with special and/or luxury amenities such as boats, golf carts, or bikes can be highly appealing, but this also increases the necessity of implementing proper safety precautions to ensure their well-being... AND to mitigate your liability as a vacation rental owner. Some general tips include...

  • Be certain all provided motor crafts are operating properly for guest use.

  • Ensure guests are utilizing amenities properly by providing written instructions (AND age/weight limits!)

  • Create a checklist to ensure amenities are working properly before turnover.

Key takeaway:

One of the incredible advantages of hosting a vacation rental in California is the year-round accessibility to house amenities. Whether it's the scorching summer in Palm Springs or any other season, vacation rental owners have the opportunity to take several precautions to ensure their homes are well-prepared and reinforced for guests. Undoubtedly, adhering to safety standards is of utmost importance as it ensures not only the best experience but also the reassurance of short-term rental guests.

Thankfully, AMG Vacation Rentals offers full short-term rental management services. We cover all the bases required to ensure guests have a safe and fun stay when you entrust us with your vacation home. Receive your custom Management Proposal from us to get started!


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