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Summer Home Maintenance Checklist for Your House or Vacation Rental Home when Leaving for the Summer

Updated: Jun 19

As a vacation rental management company, we are no strangers to all the prep work necessary to secure and ready a home for an extended absence, especially over a hot summer (yes, the temperature needs to be a factor in your preparation!) like the ones we get here in the Coachella Valley. If you are a property owner located somewhere like the Coachella Valley and are planning on leaving that property for the summer, this summer home maintenance list is for you.

a person setting a home alarm system when leaving for the summer

Use this summer home maintenance checklist to make sure to fully prepare your home for summer in the Coachella Valley

Securing Your Property

  1. Cover, Lock, and Secure All Entry Points Make sure all of your windows are closed, locked, and covered, and all doors are fully locked as well. This includes your garage door and second story windows! It's also important to close all of your blinds and curtains not only so there are no lines of vision into your vacation rental home, but to keep the inside of your home getting too hot! Temps get high in the Coachella valley during summer, and the sun and heat can put undue wear and tear on your interior furnishings.

  2. Install Security Systems If you haven't already, one of the best things you can do to secure your vacation rental for the summer is installing security systems. Cameras, alarms, and smart locks add another layer of security not only in the event of an intruder, but also include fire, smoke, and water sensors to catch other problems and alert the proper authorities.

  3. Inform Neighbors or Friends If you have a neighbor you are close to, or a friend close by, let them know your travel plans and arrange for them to do an occasional drive-by of your property. They can then report on the status of your home! If you don't have any connections near your vacation rental in the Coachella Valley or want more extensive help with it over the summer, check out our HomeWatch services.

an airy kitchen in the Coachella valley with farmhouse sink, large windows, and white cabinets

Preparing the Interior

  1. Unplug Appliances and Electronics Since you won't be there, you can save on electricity and set your mind at ease regarding electrical fires by unplugging your appliances and electronics.

  2. Adjust Thermostats and HVAC Systems Since temperatures are so high in the Coachella Valley over the summer (with a blistering average high of 107* in July), maintaining a somewhat moderate temperature in your vacation rental can really help keep your in-home possessions in good shape. Set your thermostat to an energy-efficient level; a smart thermostat that can be adjusted remotely can be a huge help with this.

  3. Check Plumbing and Water Systems Make sure all of your plumbing is in working shape, and then turn your water off to the interior of the house. If you have landscaping water that needs to run, make sure that it is on the correct schedule and in good working order.

  4. Service Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms Replace the batteries in your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm so they are ready to do their jobs if they need to.

  5. Pest Control Measures Clean all surfaces of food and cover drains and vents to prevent pests from coming in. If needed, set out traps (and make sure you have someone to check on them periodically!).

  6. Remove Perishables Empty your fridge and freezer, and remove food from your pantry that cannot be sealed. This will prevent you coming back to your vacation rental to the smell of rot or pests attracted to food items.

  7. Secure Valuables If you leave any valuables in your vacation home over the summer, be sure to secure them in a safe or locked room.

  8. Take Pictures The entire goal of this list is to prevent you coming back to your vacation rental to problems, but there is no guarantee that nothing will happen. Be sure to take pictures of the state of your property before you leave for the summer, just in case.

a backyard in the Coachella valley with lawn, trees, bushes, and sliding glass door to house.

Exterior Maintenance

  1. Yard and Garden Care When it comes to landscaping, being away for months at a time can make maintenance difficult - not to mention being away for the hottest months of the year. Before you leave, make sure to get the "big jobs" done, like trimming trees and bushes. If you can, arrange for regular maintenance to be done. If you need help, our HomeWatch service helps find high-quality, local contractors to maintain your property!

  2. Inspect and Clean Gutters To prevent clogs that would wreak havoc on your gutter system, arrange for your gutters to be inspected and cleaned before you leave.

  3. Secure Outdoor Furniture and Decorations If you have outdoor furniture and decorations, find a safe place for it. Storing indoors in the main home or a shed can help prevent damage to it while you are away.

Financial and Administrative Tasks

  1. Manage Mail and Deliveries Pause or forward your mail to your vacation home, as well as any subscriptions or services.

  2. Inform Your Insurance Company Let your insurance company know the dates you will be gone, and ensure that your coverage is adequate. If you are unsure, they will be able to help you figure out exactly what coverage you need while you're gone.


We know that preparing a vacation home for a summer absence is a lot of work!

Not only do vacation home owners have to check off a big list before they can leave for the summer, but the weight of worry about your property while away is a heavy one. That's why we offer HomeWatch services - we take care of your property so you don't have to worry! Check out all that HomeWatch has to offer for your Coachella Valley vacation Home.


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