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7 Benefits of Home Watch Services for Snowbirds or Vacation Rental Property Owners

Whether you are a vacation rental owner or a snowbird (who moves between properties to live in temperate weather year-round), you know that leaving a property unattended for any length of time is a lot of work. It requires an extensive "closing up" checklist, coordination of maintenance services, and a lot of stress.

That's where HomeWatch Services come in!

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What Are Home Watch Services?

Home watch services, or a house watching service, do just that: watch your home (or vacation rental property) while you are away. Properties left unattended for longer than a week at a time require special care and prep for vacancy and can attract unwanted problems like pests or burglars.

To minimize the risk of returning to a home or vacation rental property needing expensive repairs or an unexpected insurance claim, a home watch servicer will conduct regular inspections and maintenance checks, be ready for response in case of an emergency, and can even arrange care for your property while you are gone.

What are the Benefits of HomeWatch Services for Snowbirds or Vacation Rental Owners?

Peace of Mind

The most important and arguably most invaluable benefit of a house watching service is the peace of mind it brings. At AMG, we know how stressful it is to maintain a second home, vacation rental or not. All that goes into the maintenance and security of an unattended home is enough to fully occupy the mind of the homeowner at the expense of all else. The goal of AMG's HomeWatch is to allow you, the homeowner, the peace of mind to enjoy life knowing that your home is safe while you are away!

Early Detection of Issues

A significant fear of homeowners who leave their properties unattended for extended periods of time is returning to a home and dealing with the aftermath of issues that snowballed while they were gone. Things like leaks, pests, and electrical problems are much less of a hassle (and easier on the wallet) when they are discovered and dealt with quickly. The regular walk-through of the property by a HomeWatch service helps catch issues before they get out of hand and require a pricier remedy.

Increased Property Value and Longevity

As with all material assets, regular maintenance of a property helps retain and increase value. It not only prevents deterioration of your property, but increases the longevity as well - with regular maintenance, your property will retain a higher value longer. A Home Watching service can oversee and/or arrange maintenance services like yard work, gutter cleaning, and house cleaning so your property maintains its value without you having to lift one finger or make one call.

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Enhanced Security

If your home or vacation rental property is in a location where there are many rental properties or snowbird residences like many of our clients (e.g. in the Coachella Valley), you know that burglars look for signs that a property has been left unattended. A home watch service conducting regular checks of the property signals that the house is not vacant, and will therefore deter potential burglars and vandals.

Additionally, a home watching service will verify and double down on pre-existing security measures by checking alarm systems and locks and coordinating with your security company or local law enforcement if needed.

Convenience for Vacation Rental Management

If your property serves you as a vacation rental, HomeWatch services provide an extra value-bump for you as well. Most HomeWatch services, like ours, help rental property owners deliver top-notch service to guests. We help streamline check-in and check-out processes for guests, handle guest emergencies or maintenance requests, and ensure the property is always in top condition for new guests. You can read all about how our HomeWatch keeps vacation rentals in pristine shape for each guest here.

Professional Expertise and Reliable Service

When it comes to property maintenance, especially of an empty home, it can be hard to know where to start. Our team at AMG has made it their business to know exactly what needs to happen to maintain a property while vacant, which allows you, the property owner, to relax knowing that your home is in good, capable, expert hands.

Customized HomeWatch Services Tailored to Your Needs

We know that no property is alike, and therefore will have different home watch needs. AMG's HomeWatch Services offer flexibility in service plans by frequency of visits, services needed, and owner preference. Contact us to see how HomeWatch Services can be tailored to your specific needs!


We recommend HomeWatch Services for every homeowner who leaves their property vacant.

Even if left just for a month, a vacant house can be a hassle to return to. Between pests and security concerns, property deterioration, and flat out stress, homeowners will pay far more in reactionary costs than they will for preventative measures like house watching services. Want to learn more? Check out our HomeWatch service page and contact us with any questions!


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